Sunday, November 6, 2011

"But Your My Best Friend" Pt. 2

My Best Friend cheated with my man!

This is the worst thing that can happen to someone. I really don't believe that Elaine would stoop so low. I am so pissed at her. I hope I never see her nor Terry again. But pay back is a bitch.
The next day at work, Felicia felt like she was being watched. Indeed she was, by all of her co-workers. They are talking about her, a voice blurted! How did anybody here find out what happen with me. Well, later that day after work, Felicia goes to her car and finds it spray painted," I got took your man bitch." Felicia upset, she decides to call the police. She tells them all what has happen and gave a photo and description of Elaine.

5:18 p.m. I ain't got the Time

Later that evening, Felicia gets home and goes into the kitchen for a drink. This mess is too much for her and she needs to relax. She gets out of her clothes, puts on a robe and sit down on the bed in front of the television. The phone rings with an unauthorized number. "Hello!..who is this?" I got yo man ho! What you wanna do?..(phone hangs up). Elaine is just wasting her time because if she wants Terry, she can have him. I don't want to be second to no one. Felicia calls another friend Tracy to give her the scoop about what happened. Tracy said she is on 610 exiting South Main. Wants to meet Felicia at Carrington's for a drink.

7:15  The Meeting
"Hey Tracy!" I got a whole lot to tell you girl. Felicia went on to order a pineapple and coconut vodka with a shot of Hennessy. Tracy got a Long Island ice tea/ w a shot of coconut vodka. Well girl, I found out that Terry and Elaine had sex the night of the party. They tried to play dumb, but it was obvious. I got rid of both of them. I haven't heard from Terry, but Elaine is kinda trying to rub it all in my face. I just don't understand how and why your best friend would want your man. Find one of your own and stay away from mine. Tracy had a puzzled look on her face as if she had to tell Felicia something. Tracy whats wrong girl, you look like you saw a ghost. Tracy went on to explain that her and Terry had a talk last night. She saw Terry parked in front of Shipley's sitting on the hood of his car. He was very drunk and upset of what happened. I told him to come and get in my car because I didn't want him to get a public intoxication charge. He explained that he had no where to go, so I invited him to come and sleep at my place. He was on the couch, and I got nude and hopped in the bed. When morning came, I totally forgot that he was there so I walked into the living room where he was sleeping and he caught an eye full. He was awake and shocked. I am a single woman with a naked man in the house so the only thing I knew to do was climb on top of him and get me a nut off. I regret it, and I'm sorry. Felicia sits quietly and without thought, throws the remaining of her drink in Tracy's face and left.....

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