Sunday, November 6, 2011

"But Your My Best Friend" Pt. 2

My Best Friend cheated with my man!

This is the worst thing that can happen to someone. I really don't believe that Elaine would stoop so low. I am so pissed at her. I hope I never see her nor Terry again. But pay back is a bitch.
The next day at work, Felicia felt like she was being watched. Indeed she was, by all of her co-workers. They are talking about her, a voice blurted! How did anybody here find out what happen with me. Well, later that day after work, Felicia goes to her car and finds it spray painted," I got took your man bitch." Felicia upset, she decides to call the police. She tells them all what has happen and gave a photo and description of Elaine.

5:18 p.m. I ain't got the Time

Later that evening, Felicia gets home and goes into the kitchen for a drink. This mess is too much for her and she needs to relax. She gets out of her clothes, puts on a robe and sit down on the bed in front of the television. The phone rings with an unauthorized number. "Hello!..who is this?" I got yo man ho! What you wanna do?..(phone hangs up). Elaine is just wasting her time because if she wants Terry, she can have him. I don't want to be second to no one. Felicia calls another friend Tracy to give her the scoop about what happened. Tracy said she is on 610 exiting South Main. Wants to meet Felicia at Carrington's for a drink.

7:15  The Meeting
"Hey Tracy!" I got a whole lot to tell you girl. Felicia went on to order a pineapple and coconut vodka with a shot of Hennessy. Tracy got a Long Island ice tea/ w a shot of coconut vodka. Well girl, I found out that Terry and Elaine had sex the night of the party. They tried to play dumb, but it was obvious. I got rid of both of them. I haven't heard from Terry, but Elaine is kinda trying to rub it all in my face. I just don't understand how and why your best friend would want your man. Find one of your own and stay away from mine. Tracy had a puzzled look on her face as if she had to tell Felicia something. Tracy whats wrong girl, you look like you saw a ghost. Tracy went on to explain that her and Terry had a talk last night. She saw Terry parked in front of Shipley's sitting on the hood of his car. He was very drunk and upset of what happened. I told him to come and get in my car because I didn't want him to get a public intoxication charge. He explained that he had no where to go, so I invited him to come and sleep at my place. He was on the couch, and I got nude and hopped in the bed. When morning came, I totally forgot that he was there so I walked into the living room where he was sleeping and he caught an eye full. He was awake and shocked. I am a single woman with a naked man in the house so the only thing I knew to do was climb on top of him and get me a nut off. I regret it, and I'm sorry. Felicia sits quietly and without thought, throws the remaining of her drink in Tracy's face and left.....

Saturday, November 5, 2011

"But Your My Best Friend"

Why do your friends always want your man?

"Hey babe!, I'm leaving for work now." "Okay Hun, can you do me a favor and go to Elaine's house for me and pick up my black dress?" I want to wear it tonight when I go to dinner with you". "Okay, give me her number so I won't arrive by surprise or anything."

This morning started off strange, just because I was asked to go to my wife's best friend house early in the morning to get her dress. Why me? She could have went after work! But I love her, so I will get it. I get on the freeway and called Elaine. "Hello! with a groggy voice." Yeah this is Terry, Felicia wanted me to come over this morning and get her black dress. I'm on the freeway so I will be there in about 15 minutes. "Okay, let me get up,"she said. So you won't have to come outside, can you just leave it on the porch. Okay...will do!

6:15 a.m.The Arrival

I arrive at the house and no sign of the dress on the porch. There's a note on the door saying," come inside the dress in on the couch." I walk inside and I hear the shower running, I see the dress and grab it and began to head to the front door. "Terry is that you?" Elaine shouts. I say yes,  and immediately I hear the shower cut off. Elaine comes around the corner with a dress on a hanger and says that this is the actual dress. Her body is wet with a T-shirt leaving nothing to the imagination. As I leave she continues to ask me questions about me and Felicia going to dinner. It's so hard to not look at a half naked woman. Even harder to keep my manhood asleep and in a calm state. So I finally leave and get into the car with that vivid picture of Elaine's body. Kinda had me wondering if Elaine did this on purpose. See, Elaine is single and is somewhat of an exhibitionist. She always told Felicia that she can't stand me, but I see otherwise.

7:45 p.m.Questioning At Dinner

At dinner I explained to Felicia what happened. I told her because I know my conscious will eat away at me if I didn't. Felicia said,"It's nothing! Elaine doesn't like you, and even if she did, there is no way she would be after you. And besides, Felicia and I have been friends far to long to let a man come between us. You have to remember, she has to go to work in the morning too and who goes to be with clothes already on. She continued to defend Elaine at dinner, but one day she will see different. Felicia began asking me," Did you like what you see? Did you get excited? My answer was no to every question. What does it matter? I shouldn't have saw her like that.

9:00 p.m. Party Favors 
Felicia decides to have a get together with some of her friends and some of mine. The party was wild because a great deal of our friends are single. There were drinks everywhere, along with a few other party favors. Elaine was the party animal for real. She was drinking and smoking everything that passed in front of her face. I was getting hit on by quite a few women there, but I brushed it off because everyone was pretty wasted. Later that night I saw Felicia talking to Elaine. I was nervous, but I did nothing wrong. So why was I? I believe it was the fact of just knowing I saw Elaine nearly nude. I have some feelings, but because I love Felicia so much, I won't act on them. The party is beginning to be over and everyone is almost gone. I said good-bye to the last of the guest, and Felicia came and tapped me on my shoulder. "What's up babe?" "I know that Elaine is unable to go home alone, because look at how drunk she is. " Obviously, Felicia is okay with what happened earlier in the day. In other words, Felicia wanted Elaine to stay here. You know, sleep off the alcohol.
Was this suppose to happen?   

Later that night, I had awaken to go to the kitchen to get a snack. I went to the living room and Elaine was laying on the sofa with her head covered, but her bottom half was out from the covers. She was wearing a red thong, ass exposed and also her vagina. As I passed by she began to move, so i darted into the kitchen. I'm fixing my snack, got a drink of water and went to the garage. After I finished, I went back inside to wash up and go back to bed. The bathroom light was on and the door was cracked. I looked around in the restroom, didn't see anyone so I turned off the lights. In the pitch black, I feel someone come behind me and grab my dick and balls. I reached behind myself and the only thing I felt was pussy. My hand was grabbed and placed on a breast. Still in the pitch darkness, I continue with the touching. In my mind I felt like it was Felicia giving me some middle of the night love making. So the next morning I am looking at Felicia in the kitchen. I came and hugged her and kissed her. Gave her a look, thanking her for the love she put on me. I whispered, " Babe that was good what you did last night." Felicia asked," What did I do?"

I can't believe you would do this!

, Felicia didn't remember anything.  Elaine comes around the corner giving me a look as if I was next on her menu. "Good Morning," I hope y'all slept good like I did last night." "Felicia that was a good party." I left the room and went to go sit in front of the TV. Elaine comes in and walks right in front of the television with a thin T-shirt and panties. She goes to the kitchen to chat with Felicia. "Girl I got something to tell you! Last night I believe you had someone else here last night." "All I know it was dark, I was horny and girl we fucked." Felicia's facial expression begins to change, and then she says's, "how was there somebody else in the house when YOU are the only one that spent the night. Felicia now knows that the person I made love to was Elaine. Felicia is pissed!!!

I ain't fucking with you no mo...

"So you mean to tell me that YOU screwed my man last night." Elaine said," girl I didn't know that was Terry.
Felicia tells Elaine to "get the hell out of my house!" We been friends far to long for this to happen. I don't understand, I always thought you didn't like Terry. You begged me not to be with him. And when I did get with him, it was like you couldn't stand him. But you fuck him, in my house. I don't fuck with you no more bitch!  And better yet, how could you not know that you were fucking my man?" But of course you are not by yourself. "Terry get the fuck in here!" Yes babe! How could you fuck Elaine?" Elaine, I thought that was you who was on me last night. That's why I came in looking at you the way I did. I really thought it was you. Felicia wasn't buying this one bit. So she ordered Terry to get out too. "I don't mess with either one of you motherfuckers anymore." 

 7:35 a.m. The E-mail posting

Felicia went to work and started her day by checking her facebook page and reading e-mails. On facebook she sees that Elaine posted a message to her. It read," We need to talk about what happened. There are somethings that I have to get off my chest." Felicia was still furious so she didn't respond. Matter of fact she didn't read any messages from Elaine for at least 3 weeks. One day she opened up her e-mail and she saw a heading that read,"YOU MUST KNOW THIS." Felicia opened it and the e-mail read," I been trying to apologize for the past 3 weeks and you never replied. Well fuck you too then! I been wanting to fuck Terry and my plan worked well. I was feeling good that night and his dick inside of me made me feel better. He saw me almost naked when he came to pick up your dress. I did that on purpose so if we ever got the chance to fuck, he couldn't deny my body. So there...I didn't want to fuck with you no more either!"  So it really wasn't Terry's fault after all. She planned this whole thing. But Terry should have known that wasn't me because Elaine and I are not built the same. What the hell am I going to do.....?

Could you help Felicia and tell her how to handle this? What should she do? Should she forgive her friend and get back her husband? Lets discuss this so I can come back and give you the scoop on what Felicia does next....Til next time thanks for showing your interest in "Black Dirt: The Drama Series"